Community involvement is very important to this project and has been since we first began. We have already created over 90 jobs in the community and this number will grow to 110 by 2023. We are also working with local suppliers for materials whenever possible and will be sharing our soccer pitch with the community. Perhaps most importantly, we have hired and trained local teachers to provide the children with an equally balanced world-class curriculum.


There will be a continuous focus on the children's health and development as well. Psychological support and a full-time practicing nurse have been provided. We are also working on an initiative to have specialized MDs and DDSs — volunteers from France and the US — to visit the school and provide their services.

On a more basic level, we are providing the children with two nutritious meals a day and have consulted with a nutritionist to help prepare the menus. School medicine and preventive care supplied, along with education regarding health and nutrition


An athletic program will be designed to enhance the academic curriculum and offer possibilities for the best athletes to receive university scholarships. Several sport facilities have been built on the campus:

- Artificial turf soccer pitch (international regulations)

- 6-lane athletic track

- Basketball court

- Volleyball court

  • Construction materials will be selected, as much as possible, to ensure they meet environment-friendly standards.

  • The school will optimize the use of renewable energy (solar) in addition to traditional energy sources (grid with invertors, generators)

  • A minimum of 21 acres of land will be replanted with indigenous trees

  • A school garden will be considered to grow fruits and vegetables that could be used by the school kitchen, with potential excess donated to local schools

The school curriculum will emphasize the need to protect the environment and to think that the economic development of Haiti must be assessed through the long-term sustainability lens.

Environment & Sustainability