Phase 1: Buildings Complete

- Administration Building: The Administration Building houses workflow of the school and adminstrative matters

- Clinic: The Clinic was built with basic and required equipment to administer basic health services

- Preschool Classes: 6 classrooms, including 2 pre-school classrooms, 2 pre-kindergarten classrooms and 2 kindergarten classrooms

- Primary School: Each level includes 428m(2) space for classrooms

- Toilets: Clean, modern bathrooms were built with proper sanitary measures to build in good hygience practices for students

- Cafeteria: The spacious 500m(2) school cafeteria and kitchen offer two well-balanced nutritious meals (planned through consultation with trained nutritionists) for the children per day

- Tree of Hope: A symbolic tree representing the best of humanity through compassion and generosity of a global scale and a source of inspiration for the resilient and warm people of Haiti

- Library: The 122m(2) school library is filled with essential reference materials, classic and contemporary literature and popular media to support high standards in education

- Directors and Teachers Housing: Housing for the school director and teachers has been completed, offering easy access to classrooms 


Construction Phases