The school curriculum emphasizes the need to protect the environment and to ensure the economic development of Haiti is assessed through the lens of long-term sustainability.

The school starts at nursery level (3-year old) and ends at baccalaureate level. At full capacity, the school will count 720 students, as large as the two best schools of Haiti.

The goal is to achieve a 100 percent success rate at the Haitian baccalaureate exams and 90 percent at the French baccalaureate exams. Kindergarten students will be taught in English and French, lessons that will begin as early as nursery school. As of first grade, students will follow the 16-year Haitian curriculum. Creole, French and English will be taught to ensure fluency at the end of the “Ecole Fondamentaie” level (10th grade in the Haitian system).

  1. Lycée Jean-Baptiste Pointe du Sable (LJBPS) and  Lycée Français de New York  (LFNY) have been partners since 2012, sharing curriculums and best practices.  In 2013, the schools made a very special enhancement to the partnership. The kindergarten classes started Skype sessions and were thrilled to virtually meet each other. The schools have Skype sessions once per month, and the sessions have grown the basic partnership into a wonderful friendship between the students. The students and teachers are establishing a cultural exchange and connection on many levels.

Lycée Français de New York