“It is our intention to work closely with the right partners on the ground, to ensure we truly do deliver a long-term sustainable educational facility that will form part of a 'new Haiti'”

The school is situated on donated land in the commune of Saint-Marc — approximately 60 miles outside Port-au-Prince. 


The school curriculum emphasizes long-term sustainability to protect the environment and to ensure the economic development of Haiti.
At full capacity, the school will educate 720 students. We strive to achieve exemplary success rates in Haitian and French baccalaureate exams. All students will follow the Haitian curriculum and study Creole, French and English.


Job Openings

The director of the school, Pierre-Marie, comes to us from over 25 years of teaching in France as well as internationally. Not only does he have a terrific sense of humor, but loves the outdoors, and is so excited about HiHH and our fabulous new school and campus. 
To find out more from Pierre-Marie about opportunities for teaching positions, you can contact Pierre-Marie directly at:

Community, Health & Sports

The community has made our efforts possible. We have created over 90 jobs in the community, training local teachers to provide world-class curriculum for our students.

The health program provides students with psychological, eye and nursing care. The students are taught nutrition and dental hygiene to lead a healthy life.

The sports program enhances the academic curriculum and offers athletes the possibility for future university scholarships.

Construction Phases

Phase 1 of construction is complete and we are currently working on Phase 2. The school will accomodate a total of 720 students upon completion. 
Read more to see which parts of the campus are in use and which are under construction. 

Internship Program

Internship opportunities offered during summer camp

• Voluntary camp with 100% student participation

• Year-round education and nutrition offered

• Meals and housing provided to interns